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Windows 98 From A to Z

Que Keith A. Powell, Keith Powell

You don't need to know everything about the guts of your computer. You just want to be up and running as quickly as possible with Windows 98. This guide gets you to that speed--so you're accomplishing tasks and improving your desktop productivity-through its alphabetically arranged, thumb-tab organization. Windows 98 From A to Z also provides numerous screen shots to walk you through all listed tasks and references. This definitive resource provides the answers as you need them!


Inside Windows 98

New Rider Jim Boyce, Kyle Bryant

Inside Windows 98 is a reference and tutorial to Windows technologies. Written to appeal to intermediate and experienced Windows users and administrators, Inside Windows 98 cuts through the redundancy and entry-level discussions found in many other Windows books. Each chapter in Inside Windows 98 stands alone as a reference to a particular Windows technology; memory management, optimization, using workgroup applications, data sharing, multimedia, and so on. Inside Windows 98 provides a single source solution for advanced Windows administrators needing an authoritative presentation.

  • Targeted at the Windows administrator--no other book targets this audience at this level
  • Concentrates on the advanced topics of operating system/hardware interaction
  • The most experienced Windows authors compile the tips, tricks, and solutions necessary to keep Windows running smoothly on today s multitude of hardware configurations


Special Edition Using Windows 98

Que Ed Bott, Ron Person

Special Edition Using Windows 98 Second Edition covers new features such as Internet Explorer 5 and Internet Connection Sharing. Now that Windows 98 has been available for over a year, many new insightful tips have been discovered that weren't known at the time of the original release. This book highlights those tips, providing exclusive and unique information that isn't readily found elsewhere. Each chapter has an added section covering a key related utility or third-party software package. See how to go beyond the basics and get more productive using WinZip for file compression and archiving, McAfee AntiVirus, Y2K Testing software to check the system BIOS, QuickView Plus for viewing files of almost any type, Web search utilities, and much more! A different utility relating to the topic of the chapter is covered at the end of every chapter.


Windows 2000 Commands Pocket

O'Reilly Aeleen Frisch

Windows administrators can accomplish many of their routine tasks much more quickly by using the command line (similar to the command line of DOS or Unix-based systems) than by going through the graphical user interface that most users associate with Windows. The Windows 2000 Commands Pocket Reference complements Windows 2000 Administration in a Nutshell by conveying the kind of no-nonsense, boiled-down information typical of O'Reilly's highly successful companion Pocket Reference series. It's a valuable, concise reference to Windows 2000 commands and command-line utilities. Includes Resource Kit commands. Commands are grouped according to their purpose and function; within a group, commands are arranged alphabetically. Options for each command are grouped by function and ordered by importance.


Windows Server 2003 in a Nutshell

O'Reilly Mitch Tulloch

Microsoft has introduced the right server for a world now dominated by highly distributed systems and web-based server applications, and O'Reilly has written a book that will earn a prominent place on administrators' desk tops. The GUI chapter is organized by topic according to major themes of Windows Server 2003 administration, providing one-stop shopping for busy admins. For example, if you want to find out about Active Directory and how to manage it, you'd begin by turning to Active Directory. Each topic begins with a description of basic concepts, followed by a description of tools (such as Microsoft Management Console snap-ins) used to administer the feature, instructions on how to perform common or important administrative tasks, and notes detailing subtle points and potential gotchas Windows Server 2003 offers greatly enhanced command-line administration, and the command reference prominently highlights the many new commands in this release. Dozens of new commands and scripts have been added for administration of Active Directory, disks, event logs, Group Policy, IIS, network diagnostics, the pagefile, printers, processes, shared folders, and the Registry. The result is a Windows operating system platform that now rivals Unix in its ability to support command-line and scripted administration.


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