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Java Servlet Programming

O'Reilly Jason Hunter, William Crawford

The second edition of this popular book has been completely updated to add the new features of the Java Servlet API Version 2.2, and new chapters on servlet security and advanced communication. In addition to completely covering the 2.2 specification, we have included bonus material on the new 2.3 version of the specification


J2EE and XML Development

Manning Kurt A. Gabrick,
David B. Weiss

J2EE and XML are important technologies in their own right, but applications that use them together will benefit from their synergy. Java and J2EE make a powerful platform for building robust application logic. XML facilitates flexible data storage and manipulation. Properly using XML with J2EE, you can develop the most powerful enterprise systems that can be built today. This book shows you how.

J2EE and XML Development is a rich yet concise guide. It teaches you how, where, and why to use XML in each layer of your J2EE application. It categorizes and explains many recent Java and XML technologies and ways in which a J2EE application can best use them. It untangles the web of Java APIs for XML, including the JAX family, as well as other popular emerging standards like JDOM, explaining each in terms of its functionality, and illustrating their intended use through examples.


Java Cookbook

O'Reilly Ian Darwin

This book offers Java developers short, focused pieces of code that are easy to incorporate into other programs. The idea is to focus on things that are useful, tricky, or both. The book's code segments cover all of the dominant APIs and should serve as a great "jumpingoff place" for Java developers who want to get started in areas outside their specialization.


Java Hardcore

O'Reilly Robert Simmons, Jr

Hardcore Java is an advanced book that focuses on the little-touched but critical parts of the Java programming language that expert programmers use. We're not talking about trivial things; we're talking about difficult but extremely powerful and useful programming techniques like reflection, advanced data modeling, advanced GUI design, and advanced aspects of JDO, EJB and XML-based web clients. This unique book reveals the true wizardry behind the complex and often-mysterious Java environment.


Java By Example

Que Clayton Walnum

It's one of the hottest topics on the Internet. And what better way to learn about it than By Example. The By Example series features a formula of numerous multi-level code examples that has taught tens of thousands of novices how to program. With end of chapter review questions and exercises to reinforce the learning process, this book has all the tools and information new programmers need to get up-to-speed quickly and easily!

  • Covers Java fundamentals, the language, writing and using applets, and all types of examples of sound, animation, interactive data input and analysis, and more
  • Focuses on Java applets-the way Java is implemented for World Wide Web use
  • CD-ROM includes the Java applet viewer, Sun's Java Development Kit, and hundreds of applet code examples from the book. Plus, a special bonus the entire electronic version of Special Edition Using Java


Teach Yourself Java 1.1 Programming in 24 hours

Sams Rogers Cadenhead

It's the quickest way to learn everything users need to know to create powerful Java applets! Using short, one-hour chapters, readers will master the basics of programming, work with graphics, and learn how to add interactivity to their own Web pages. A support site for the book will be set up on the Sams Web site-providing links to sites mentioned in the book, easy access to Java development shareware products, and continuously updated material


Teach Yourself
Java in 21 Days

Sams Laura Lemay, Charles L. Perkins

This book is a detailed guide to developing applications with the Java language. The CD includes the source code for all the examples used in the book, additional examples of Java applets, and Java browsers for all supported platforms.


Java Unleashed

Sams Michael Morrison

Java Unleashed is the ultimate guide to the year's hottest new Internet technologies, the Java language and the Hot Java browser from Sun Microsystems. Java Unleashed is a complete programmer's reference and a guide to the hundreds of exciting ways Java is being used to add interactivity to the World Wide Web.

  • Describes how to use Java to add interactivity to Web presentations
  • Shows readers how Java and HotJava are being used across the Internet
  • CD-ROM contains both starter software and advanced tools


Java Unleashed 1.2

Sams Jamie Jaworski

Extensive coverage of the latest Java add-ons and third-party development tools. Ideal for the intermediate- to expert-level user, this guide explores the new Java extensions and APIs, JavaBeans, JavaOS, and other new Java-based technologies; guides the reader in using JDBC to gain database connectivity; teaches effective programming strategies and application development; and investigates Java security. Using expert tips, advice and real-world examples, this comprehensive guide and reference is ideal for readers wanting to master professional-level programming with Java.

  • Totally rewritten to aim at the high-end audience
  • Covers JFC, Java Media Framework, JavaBeans, JDBC, security, e-commerce, network programming, distributed computing, CORBA, RMI, and more
  • Valuable CD-ROM includes 20 complete, original Java applications written exclusively for this book


Special Edition Using Java 1.1, Third Edition

Que Joe Weber, David Baker, Joe Carpenter, Jamie Costa, Anil Hemrajani, Alan S. Liu, Jordan Olin, Eric Ries, Bill Rowley, Krishna Sankar, Govind Seshadri, Christopher Stone, Clay Walnum, Scott Williams, Andrew Wooldridge, Mark Wutka

Special Edition Using Java 1.1, Third Edition is a thorough reference and explains how to program Java applets for any intended use. This edition includes an updated CD-ROM with over 100 Java applets and more coverage of advanced topics such as Java/database integration, Java development environments, and details of all aspects of the Java API.

  • Shows how to program Java applets for any use
  • Explores all the power of Java 1.1


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