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Special Edition
Using JScript

Que Mark Reynolds with Jerry Honeycutt

Although similar to Netscape's JavaScript, JScript includes additional extensions, classes, and other constructs for easier integration with other Microsoft technologies, including ActiveX. This is the guide to understanding JScript-it's main focus is to make readers extraordinary JScript writers. Readers will find all sorts of tips, tricks, and secrets. Plus, it contains advice and examples readers won't find anywhere else! - Explores the latest secrets of JScript


Complete Idiot's Guide to JavaScript

Que Scott J. Walter, Aaron Weiss

While it's doesn't cover JavaScript 1.1 as deeply as some other books, The Complete Idiot's Guide to JavaScript, Second Edition, offers a quick, to-the-point introduction to the subject. By the time you finish working through the explanatory text and examples, you'll know enough about JavaScript to create simple or moderately complicated programs and to figure out more complex examples.

Weiss's simple but adequate coverage of cookies (he walks you through writing a program that welcomes return visitors) provides the answers many JavaScript newcomers want. And although there's no companion CD-ROM, the examples, which include an outstanding blackjack game, are mostly short and always easy to follow. The Complete Idiot's Guide to JavaScript, Second Edition, isn't a power programmer's text, but it may serve your purpose if you're looking to solve a straightforward problem or two with JavaScript.


JavaScript Bible, Gold Edition

John Wiley & Sons Danny Goodman

The Ultimate Guide to JavaScript for Professionals
Featuring 15 bonus chapters with expanded coverage of data validation, debugging, plug-ins, security, and more, plus nine chapters on ready-to-use applications, this monumental reference is truly the most comprehensive and useful guide to JavaScript available today. Writing with his trademark clarity and verve, leading JavaScript authority Danny Goodman covers everything from Cascading Style Sheets and Document Object Models to XML data — and gives you all the tools you need to harness the full power of client-side JavaScript.


DHTML and JavaScript

Prentice Hall PTR Gilorien


Client-Side Javascript Guide




Sams Evangelos Petroutsos

With VBScript Unleashed, Web programming techniques are presented in a logical and easy-to-follow sequence that helps readers understand the principles involved in developing programs. The reader begins with learning the basics to writing a first program and then builds on that to add interactivity, multimedia, and more to Web page designs. - Provides the reader with a thorough understanding of the VB Script language


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